Gifts for…

Still looking for that perfect gift for that special person. Here’s a couple of ideas for ya’.

Mouse bookmark. For the reader who likes to read in bed, this little guy could cause a stir if he gets lost in the covers.


Egg cozies. Because. Clearly I’ve been missing a very important step in egg preparation.


Wine cozies. Now we’re talking.


Pencil burrito.  Not so practical for the student who constantly thinks about food.


Well. Seriously, who doesn’t need a kitty to spit out some toothpaste?


Silly socks. Always a hit.

silly-socks gift-fun-socks

Loafers. Tee, hee.


Fingerless handerpants. They can only really be complete if accompanied by trouser mittens.


Cup pups. Never have to drink alone.


A rock in a leather pouch. I don’t know why anyone might need this but it sells at Neiman Marcus for $85.


Dual purpose cup. A cup with a snack holder. Well, it’s about time!


TP dispenser. A picture is worth a thousand wipes.


Money tree seeds. Really only works if you have oil soil. But hey, one can dream!



Got December Blues?

Been feeling a little blue?


December can be an overwhelming month. It marks the end of the year, it is a time many people are wrapping up much more than presents. They are wrapping up business contracts, trying to complete a tax year, and meet business as well as personal deadlines. It’s not uncommon to experience anxiety and doubt.



The coordination of cards, gifts, dinners, parties, decorating, finances, cooking, cleaning, travel arrangements, real and self-imposed priorities, mailing dates, shopping, traditions, hopes, and past memories can wreak havoc on your psyche.


It’s a delicate interpretive dance.


No wonder it brings out the Grinch!


If you’re singin’ the blues… Wail. Out loud. Take a moment and feel. Tap your toe and meet the exhilaration of energy building with your inner voice. Block out the external noise — the screeching and pounding of hype, frenzy, and exhaustion.

blues-jazz blues-santa

There’s a lot to take in this time of year.

Today, I look within and my heart whispers. Simplicity.






Listmakers unite

Whether an avid list maker or list hater, this is about the time of year that brings out the list maker in most of us.

list-everything    list-world-dom-coffee

I just conquered a flurry of colorful post-its spread across my desk and cleaned through notes on my phone. How to know when it’s time to do this:

  1. Couldn’t find a damn thing.
  2. See #1.

I’m a list maker.listmakers

Also, as a writer of fiction, I love this meme. **giggles**  list-fiction

Ever fall into that to-do loop? Mind clutter. Writing lists relieves that noise until desk clutter takes over.


The crumpling and deleting of completed things is my favorite part. Life simplifies.  list-to-do

Lists don’t replace thinking though.   list-gas

And it’s nice to be on certain ones. list-santa

 Some peeps just don’t go there.    list-to-dont

Groceries, gifts, parties, planning, calls, meetings, life’s necessities, and on and on and on…



Christmas Cards – have you sent yours?


card-candy card-cat card-girl card-ornaments

Behind Day #5: Christmas cards

A little questionnaire for you including my answers because I suppose I should play along:

Do you hand-make your cards?

I used to because I wanted to include photos of our family and the cool design online options weren’t around yet. (The following examples are not my creations, totally off Google. I’d have to find one of my own and photograph it! Mine always had at least one photograph, but dang these are adorable.)

card-handmade-snowman card-handmade-stache card-handmade-trees

Do you order online with those companies that let you design your own layout and use your own photos?

I have done this – and it makes the process so much easier.

card-photo-cute card-photo-dog card-photo-dogs card-photo-online-awkward

Do you buy ready-made cards?

Yes. This year’s cards are store-bought – from last year that never made it out. **smirk**

card-peacecard-dogs card-funny

Do you write sentiments in each one or do you have a standard signature for cards?

My husband and I have a process. We start by pouring wine. We pull out our list and split according by his friends and family and mine. Then we write personalized sentiments in each card. It’s time-consuming but that’s how we roll.


Do you address by hand, have address stickers or send through printer?

We pretty much address by hand. When return address labels are available we use them. I’ve never gotten around to entering the Christmas list into the computer but I’ve received cards from people who print and they look great. Since we hand-write within each card, we just press forward and hand-write on the envelopes too.


Would you say your cards get there “on time”?

Define “on time”.


Some people think they should arrive as soon as Thanksgiving is over for early December delivery. I did that the year  I had some beautiful cards made along with family photos we had done professionally. There was no place to hand-write a sentiment. So I stuffed envelopes, got some help addressing, and sent them out. The gorgeous cards spoke for themselves, but it was a bit of an assembly line and wasn’t fulfilling.

Our whole family has winter birthdays. When our kids were young things got pretty nutty once Halloween hit.  Since I was into making cards at that time of our life I decided they’d be “New Year cards” and I’d work on them during the week between Christmas and New Year. I loved it. Most people loved it and didn’t care. Some people never understood why the “Christmas card” showed up after Christmas even though it said Happy New Year. **sigh**

Do you think cards are still important even though we have so many ways to wish each other Happy Holidays?


I’ve had my moments of feeling they aren’t as essential. Christmas cards were often a special treat to get from those people you didn’t get to hear from any other time of year. Although there are a lot of online ways to communicate, there are still people who don’t engage electronically.  There’s something to getting a special card in the mail and placing it somewhere to see. So this year, my answer is “Yes”.

Breathe (day #3)

Woke up this morning well-rested but with a mind full of to-dos. I started ticking off the list wondering if I’d have time to stop in to a local craft fair and friend’s open house. So naturally, I got on Facebook. Okay, some info I wanted was there, but you know how it is.

One thing lead to another —  watching a tiny puppy and enormous dog cuddle up and become friends, sharing a humorous post about “the ease”of repurposing “almost free” furniture (one of my passions and so hilariously close to home) and reading two genuinely interesting articles that I’m glad I didn’t miss.

Something I’m super happy I caught and my inspiration for today. This beautiful piece by Ludovico Einaudi. It was posted by one of my favorite people ever and reminds me to calm, find peace and the rest will fall into place.

Happy 3rd day of December. Inhale big, exhale slow and enjoy this moment.



ep·i·logueˈepəˌlôɡ,ˈepəˌläɡ/nouna section or speech at the end of a book or play that serves as a comment on or a conclusion to what has happened.
ep·i·logue  /’epəˌlôɡ,ˈepəˌläɡ/ – noun : a section or speech at the end of a book or play that serves as a comment on or a conclusion to what has happened.

What do you think of epilogues? Are they overkill or handy summations?

For me, it depends. I like a well-paced story. I get frustrated when the pace jumps abruptly to the end and everything wraps up quickly and thoroughly. It is synonymous to having a great outing with someone who has just realized they are late for a meeting, stuffs all belongings into a bag and kiss-kiss “Toodaloo, ’til next time!”

However, I also don’t like a story that should have ended shortly after the resolution of the main conflict and then just keeps going and going. It’s like continuing a sports game after the clock has run out and it’s clear that one team has scored more points than the other. “Get off the field already, let’s go celebrate or something.”

Most stories have a definitive ending even if there might be lingering questions in a reader’s mind. In those cases, an epilogue is favorable. Much like those movies based off a true story then puts up quick details about what happened to each character over time after the big event.

An epilogue can offer that quick source of information to settle lingering thoughts.


Drama and Diarrhea: One and the same?

 Can be explosive
No one really wants to be around it
Can be caused by ingesting toxicity
Causes bloating
Many people have experience with it
For some people it’s chronic
Can be a sign of serious illness
No one wants to be part of someone else’s
Can be contagious
Urgency to react
Can cause a quick exit


Drama or Diarrhea:

Avoid ___________.

If you bring ___________ to the pool, expect everyone to jump out.

Dreams and ___________ don’t mix well.

_________ limits freedom.

Flush the __________.

___________ stinks.

Don’t be a __________ queen.

~~ Deidre

Candy Crush Saga

I almost made it out of 2013 without succumbing to … (dare I say it)… Candy Crush.

THAT game that everyone was playing. Oh, it definitely looked like fun. Seemed like no one could put it down. Exactly! — Oh, no time for that.

(¸.•´  ¤ Sweet •*¨`* ☆

And just days shy of a brand spanking new year basking in family fun and the leisure days of being on holiday I joined the forces of fellow Crushers and stepped into Candy Town. I was clearing jellies, looking for sets of four and planning sets of five. I was lured into Minty Meadow, across Bubble Gum Bridge and into Salty Canyon.

           .•*¨`*• ✫ Tasty

Before I knew it I was giving friends lives and gifts. Sending tickets for the plane ride out of Chocolate Mountains. And excitedly receiving the same. What fun!

Delicious ¸.•´ ¸.•*´¨) ¤

My interest would spike when I reached a level instructing me to bring the ingredients down —  my favorites. 😀

¸.*¯`¤ Sugar Crush ¸.•*¨⋎✫

I eagerly joined the craze. I was using my five lives to the fullest and patiently waiting to get more. Having to wait made it so that I simply could not infringe on the important tasks of the day. A little crush with breakfast, bursts sprinkled throughout the day (especially if you find yourself waiting for anything) and mega crush while decompressing in front of the TV at night. And, whoa! The sleeping owl opens a whole new gameboard? Yippee! The word was that there was no end, no saving the princess, new levels were being made daily. This could go on forever…yay!

For me, forever lasted about three months. After fighting off multiplying chocolate and blowing up candy bombs. My digital sweet tooth subsided. The flavor for virtual savor coasted from Halloween night (I can consume massive amounts of sugar) to Thanksgiving night (No, please not another bite). The longing to crush dissolved.

I pop in once in awhile to answer requests. I played last night, for the sake of research. 😉 And it was fun for a while. It’s funny, that something can be so alluring and then one day you’re just over it. And for that reason, I had to dedicate a post to the colorful Candy Crush Saga. I’m glad we met, it was fun while it lasted. It’s not you, it’s me. I’ll stop in and visit.

candy crush


I liked the challenge of being stuck on a level.

The jellybeans look like Hot Tamales, the orange lozenges look like jellybeans, the purple cluster reminds me of the hard Christmas candies with sticky jelly filling, and the color bomb looks like a Whopper rolled in sprinkles.

I can’t keep from calling it Candyland and always stand corrected.

When I hear the Candyman’s cheesy voice say, “Sweet” I always think of Def Leppard’s song “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

btw — What’s with the daily spin? Why have that dang “jackpot” on there if they are never going to give it to you?

~~ Deidre