-the state or character of being positive.

There are several definitions of the word positive. Here’s the one that most intrigues me:

-having a value greater than zero.

When I think about positivity, I see ‘anti-gravity’. If a person lets something drop, zero effort is required on their part — gravity will take over. However, if a person wants to keep something from dropping or actually raise something — effort must kick in.

Positivity is more difficult to achieve than negativity. If someone is ‘down’ their presence goes down, ‘hanging the head’ and ‘dragging the feet’. Frowns happen when the corners of the mouth turn down. And expressions represent the very same, ‘letting the ball drop’, ‘slipping through the cracks’ and ‘spiraling downward’.

Positivity challenges gravity. A smile happens when the corners of the mouth go up. To achieve a positive stance someone must keep their ‘chin up’, ‘spirits lifted’, ‘rise above’, ‘pick up their step’, or ‘lift their mood’. True effort is required to ‘raise the bar’, ‘aim high’, and ‘shoot for the moon’.

Positivity is hard work. And can be even tougher when naysayers try to ‘suck the life force out’ of it.

Positivity is contagious. But …you have to catch it.

The next time you’re trying to maintain a positive outlook and wondering why it always feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle — it’s because you are.

Good news. You are not alone. I love the saying:

surround self

Go do that!