Drama and Diarrhea: One and the same?

 Can be explosive
No one really wants to be around it
Can be caused by ingesting toxicity
Causes bloating
Many people have experience with it
For some people it’s chronic
Can be a sign of serious illness
No one wants to be part of someone else’s
Can be contagious
Urgency to react
Can cause a quick exit


Drama or Diarrhea:

Avoid ___________.

If you bring ___________ to the pool, expect everyone to jump out.

Dreams and ___________ don’t mix well.

_________ limits freedom.

Flush the __________.

___________ stinks.

Don’t be a __________ queen.

~~ Deidre


26 letters in the alphabet

1,025,905 words in the English language

80,000 words in a typical novel

Countless number of possibilities those letters and words can be joined to make a unique story.

book journey

Not enough hours, days or years to read each and every one, but

I’m gonna try


Around the Blogosphere in 26 Days

I’ve spent the better half of my day pulling pranks on my family. What can I say it’s April 1st!!

All were a success except the one I thought would be the best. I put a “For Sale By Owner” sign in front of the house an hour before the family got home this evening. I knew I wouldn’t fool my husband — he’s not only the one I make such decisions with and would obviously know about this long before the sign hit the lawn, but he’s also seriously used to my antics. My main target was my teenager. I thought I’d get a real exclamation out of him.

He hasn’t even noticed it — even though it’s in full view of where he parks.

He came home from practice. Nothing.

I sent him on an errand. Still nothing.

I’m leaving it through the night just to see if maybe, just maybe, fresh morning eyes will pop open. However, he’s been fooled a number of times at this point…I think he’s ready for anything.

The neighbors, on the other hand, are either going to be calling me or are out purchasing champagne. 🙂

Happy first day of April!

~~ Deidre

Recurring nightmare and Recent events

Just a mere two months ago, I was at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. On opening day the lunchtime speaker shared her family’s experience of losing their home to the Waldo Canyon fire. The 2013 conference was themed “Rising from the Ashes” in dedication to all that had happened to our community and with a vow that we would regrow together. The recount, beautifully written and presented, was a tearfest. Every local writer in the large ballroom had been affected in some way. Many, like me, had been displaced. A few lost homes, many opened their homes, some were actively involved in direct support to firefighting and everyone knew someone that fell into every category along the way.

The room contained about the same number of attendees as the number of houses lost and was dead silent. Her account was moving and informative, both relating to shared experience and revealing unique circumstances. The out-of-state visitors had many sincere questions and true compassion. The recollection stirred up raw sensations buried within me.

For about a month, I’ve been dreading the first anniversary, June 23.

The thought of seeing archived media coverage has been unnerving. Images of houses burning, beautiful National Forest destroyed, sirens, smoke plumes, the nighttime lava-like glow, the constant reel of news briefs, the smell and taste of smoke day after day, the orangey color when the sun pushes through the haze that shrouds the city, the sound of aircrafts delivering hope for containment are most but not all of the memories that have shaken my senses and quickened my heartbeat.

The surreality of a living nightmare.

Our city was preparing to face those feelings head on, celebrate the successes and continue to heal. I was bracing myself for the onslaught of images and searching for the comfort zones where tragedy meets community. Where friendships grow stronger and values solidify.

We were evacuated from our home and thankfully were able to return to a house and neighborhood fully intact. But 18,247 acres burned, 346 homes were destroyed, 32,000 residents were evacuated, and it was dubbed the most expensive fire in Colorado state history with insurance claims totaling more than $352.6 million.

Two days ago, well before our community has found peace, another fire has attacked our city.

It’s day 3 of the Black Forest fire. The latest news briefing stated 15,700 acres burned, 38,000 people evacuated, 360 homes destroyed and counting, no containment and two people have been found dead.

While it’s the most threatening fire right now, it’s not the only one in our state.

And the nightmare continues.


Question the value

Understand that quantity is not the same

Accept that patience might be required

Listen to your heart

Invest yourself

Trust your instincts

Yearn for excellence



-the state or character of being positive.

There are several definitions of the word positive. Here’s the one that most intrigues me:

-having a value greater than zero.

When I think about positivity, I see ‘anti-gravity’. If a person lets something drop, zero effort is required on their part — gravity will take over. However, if a person wants to keep something from dropping or actually raise something — effort must kick in.

Positivity is more difficult to achieve than negativity. If someone is ‘down’ their presence goes down, ‘hanging the head’ and ‘dragging the feet’. Frowns happen when the corners of the mouth turn down. And expressions represent the very same, ‘letting the ball drop’, ‘slipping through the cracks’ and ‘spiraling downward’.

Positivity challenges gravity. A smile happens when the corners of the mouth go up. To achieve a positive stance someone must keep their ‘chin up’, ‘spirits lifted’, ‘rise above’, ‘pick up their step’, or ‘lift their mood’. True effort is required to ‘raise the bar’, ‘aim high’, and ‘shoot for the moon’.

Positivity is hard work. And can be even tougher when naysayers try to ‘suck the life force out’ of it.

Positivity is contagious. But …you have to catch it.

The next time you’re trying to maintain a positive outlook and wondering why it always feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle — it’s because you are.

Good news. You are not alone. I love the saying:

surround self

Go do that!



Noise & Optimism

N – Noise

I’m trying to calm all the noise in my head. I have a LOT of random thoughts about my future and what I need to do to accomplish specific goals. I’ve been checking off the list, bit by tiny bit. When so much is swirling around I remind myself to just keep moving forward, give myself little successes along the way. And yes…doing dishes, prepping food, and doing laundry counts!!! Even though those are sidenotes to what’s really keeping my mind charged right now….it’s still about organizing the mind ‘clutter’…good stuff but totally cluttered and bucking for attention. I’m slowly and effectively gaining control of the volume…..

O – Optimism

The glass is always full. If for nothing else, it holds air.


Karma – Love – Meow

I’m terribly behind on my A to Z. I spent the weekend at the best writer’s conference EVER. Pikes Peak Writers Conference — amazing. After a couple of prep days, then into four full consecutive conference days followed by one day of organizing all the new information and calming a swirling brain… I am back and vow to get on track with my A to Z. And this is how it’s going to happen… in chunks!

Here’s the high points of letter inspiration K thru M:

K – Karma
You do something good for someone and something good will come back to you. Ahhh… Karma. It’s all about the good, right? Until someone pisses you off then you want Karma to get them.

L – Love

love 17

M – Meow
(Kristina this is for you 🙂 )

Tips from my cat:

1. Be social
Widen your circle, get to know your neighbors.

2. Make time for play
Dogs are good for pouncing practice. Humans will think you’re cute.

3. Stay clean
Impressions count, no one wants to sit with the stinky cat.

4. Keep sharp
Take time to hone your claws, you will need them from time to time.

5. Cough it up
Don’t hold on to anything that upsets you.

6. Life is short
Enjoy each life like it could be your last.

7. Get face time
Take time to meet eye-to-eye with the ones you love.

8. Speak up
A quiet cat is a lonely cat, let ’em know how you feel.

9. Give back
Always share your finds, at least a portion of them.

10. Nap
Rest up because you never know when you’ll be left outside all day.



You are your own best judge.

You know whether you are doing what you should be doing.

You know whether the effort you are giving is going to give you the results you desire.

You decide when to jump wholeheartedly into your passion.




shake my
head and laugh
when I see the smiles
but hear the words that do not match
the blind leads the blind