Who’s driving this thing?

Who’s words?

These are the words of a writer with a bachelor of science in electrical engineering.


I know…oil and vinegar…go figure, I’m creative and logical.  It happens.

Engineer + Writer = Word Engineer

When does the writing happen?

When I’m not managing my repurpose shop, giving new style to retired furniture, pursuing passions in creativity, and streamlining wild ideas.

Where does this happen?

I learned from National November Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) a few years back that I must carve out the opportunity in each day. And much like exercise, once I’ve committed to it – I crave it.

My coziest retreat is in my home, but coffee shops are always welcome getaways. Scribbling thoughts at a moments notice is essential – thank goodness for smart phones!

How did this start?

Well… certainly not the day my 9th grade English teacher made fun of my writing in front of the whole class. Yup, join me in cursing that lady. No one should do that to another person as they try something new. I believe in karma, mine’s been good…’nuff said.

Actually, at the time it wasn’t that traumatic. I was a teenager with ambitions that would have liked, but didn’t need her approval. I was adventurous and resilient – and I was damn good at math and science.

Fast forward a couple of years …I’ll be an engineer.  Everyone said electrical was pretty tough, fine I’ll start there. Looking back, it would have been nice to know then what I know now about what truly interested me most. It’s insane that we make lifelong decisions at the doorstep of adulthood. But I suppose it’s got to start somewhere, so in what felt like a blink – I graduated as a double E.  Got a job at a fortune 500 company and started engineering.


Sure, I earned my paycheck and received a few awards for my hard work, but it wasn’t satisfying until I met the tall cute programmer with a great voice who asked me to go to Australia and marry him. And just like Alexander did in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day….I started a new day in the land down under and never looked back!

Sometimes it takes a big adventure to hear what the heart is whispering. Mine needed creativity to speak most confidently. I cherish my education, it taught me that I am capable of accomplishing great feats and provided me with focus for maintaining order when life gets chaotic. Those qualities are ingrained within my core and will forever be available to draw upon.

Before knowing myself as I do now, I had a recurring nightmare, much like the ones that others have about falling or being chased. In mine, I couldn’t express myself. Throughout my life I’ve had the ability to slightly wake when nightmares become overwhelming and change them to my favor or abandon them completely. But this one was immune. It had a hold on me that I couldn’t control. Over time, its occurrence lessened and finally vanished.

Certainly, maturity and positive life experiences were building forces to conquer insecurities giving traction to the nightmare. But I have to believe that unleashing creativity has been the greatest weapon. And of those weapons, continually seeking mastery of the art of writing has been one of my most cherished swords.

My heart whispers beautiful words, my soul listens.




5 thoughts on “Who’s driving this thing?

  1. allrighters Wed, Sep 11, 2013 / 4:33 pm

    Some magic electric stuff here! We have a figures engineer and a civil engineer in the Allrighters’ so some advice on electrical engineering our fantasy writing would come in just fine from time to time. Best wishes Alexander

  2. David Greenly Sun, Nov 9, 2014 / 12:33 pm

    Hello. My name is David Greenly of England. I thought that you may like to look at my Greenly family history website.

    Enjoy. Kind Regards. David.

  3. John Vigil Mon, Dec 26, 2016 / 10:04 am

    Beautiful. I’m excited to be inspired by the thoughts and ideas of one who has the courage to drop unfulfilling accomplishments to answer a call of their spirit to express, grow, ponder and share what is a unique callig to their being; their true purpose. What courage, what faith.

    • dgwordworks Wed, Jan 25, 2017 / 10:36 am

      Thank you! I don’t take my blessing lightly. I’m always striving to do my best and if I can be an inspiration along the way, even better!

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