Gifts for…

Still looking for that perfect gift for that special person. Here’s a couple of ideas for ya’.

Mouse bookmark. For the reader who likes to read in bed, this little guy could cause a stir if he gets lost in the covers.


Egg cozies. Because. Clearly I’ve been missing a very important step in egg preparation.


Wine cozies. Now we’re talking.


Pencil burrito.  Not so practical for the student who constantly thinks about food.


Well. Seriously, who doesn’t need a kitty to spit out some toothpaste?


Silly socks. Always a hit.

silly-socks gift-fun-socks

Loafers. Tee, hee.


Fingerless handerpants. They can only really be complete if accompanied by trouser mittens.


Cup pups. Never have to drink alone.


A rock in a leather pouch. I don’t know why anyone might need this but it sells at Neiman Marcus for $85.


Dual purpose cup. A cup with a snack holder. Well, it’s about time!


TP dispenser. A picture is worth a thousand wipes.


Money tree seeds. Really only works if you have oil soil. But hey, one can dream!


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