Got December Blues?

Been feeling a little blue?


December can be an overwhelming month. It marks the end of the year, it is a time many people are wrapping up much more than presents. They are wrapping up business contracts, trying to complete a tax year, and meet business as well as personal deadlines. It’s not uncommon to experience anxiety and doubt.



The coordination of cards, gifts, dinners, parties, decorating, finances, cooking, cleaning, travel arrangements, real and self-imposed priorities, mailing dates, shopping, traditions, hopes, and past memories can wreak havoc on your psyche.


It’s a delicate interpretive dance.


No wonder it brings out the Grinch!


If you’re singin’ the blues… Wail. Out loud. Take a moment and feel. Tap your toe and meet the exhilaration of energy building with your inner voice. Block out the external noise — the screeching and pounding of hype, frenzy, and exhaustion.

blues-jazz blues-santa

There’s a lot to take in this time of year.

Today, I look within and my heart whispers. Simplicity.







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