Today kicks off the countdown to Christmas and the last slice of 2016. Who’s ready for 2017?

Last month was July. Right?

Ha! Well, I do love this time of year. There’s just no other month that is so general and yet so specific in all that it encompasses. It has a “feel” to it. A Decemberness.

Embrace it or want to deny it, December is upon us. So I’m stretching out my arms and welcoming it with what I am going to call “Advent-a-thon”.

I’ve always liked the idea of advent calendars. My kids counted to Christmas with a variety of ones over the years starting with the chocolate behind a little perforated window to different versions of hanging ornaments on a tree. The year I found one that had little drawers inspired me to get more creative with the daily surprises.

So with no more delay, let the Advent-a-thon begin.

Happy First Day of December. Go have a chocolate!

P.S. — Have advent calendars come a long way or what?



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