Candy Crush Saga

I almost made it out of 2013 without succumbing to … (dare I say it)… Candy Crush.

THAT game that everyone was playing. Oh, it definitely looked like fun. Seemed like no one could put it down. Exactly! — Oh, no time for that.

(¸.•´  ¤ Sweet •*¨`* ☆

And just days shy of a brand spanking new year basking in family fun and the leisure days of being on holiday I joined the forces of fellow Crushers and stepped into Candy Town. I was clearing jellies, looking for sets of four and planning sets of five. I was lured into Minty Meadow, across Bubble Gum Bridge and into Salty Canyon.

           .•*¨`*• ✫ Tasty

Before I knew it I was giving friends lives and gifts. Sending tickets for the plane ride out of Chocolate Mountains. And excitedly receiving the same. What fun!

Delicious ¸.•´ ¸.•*´¨) ¤

My interest would spike when I reached a level instructing me to bring the ingredients down —  my favorites. 😀

¸.*¯`¤ Sugar Crush ¸.•*¨⋎✫

I eagerly joined the craze. I was using my five lives to the fullest and patiently waiting to get more. Having to wait made it so that I simply could not infringe on the important tasks of the day. A little crush with breakfast, bursts sprinkled throughout the day (especially if you find yourself waiting for anything) and mega crush while decompressing in front of the TV at night. And, whoa! The sleeping owl opens a whole new gameboard? Yippee! The word was that there was no end, no saving the princess, new levels were being made daily. This could go on forever…yay!

For me, forever lasted about three months. After fighting off multiplying chocolate and blowing up candy bombs. My digital sweet tooth subsided. The flavor for virtual savor coasted from Halloween night (I can consume massive amounts of sugar) to Thanksgiving night (No, please not another bite). The longing to crush dissolved.

I pop in once in awhile to answer requests. I played last night, for the sake of research. 😉 And it was fun for a while. It’s funny, that something can be so alluring and then one day you’re just over it. And for that reason, I had to dedicate a post to the colorful Candy Crush Saga. I’m glad we met, it was fun while it lasted. It’s not you, it’s me. I’ll stop in and visit.

candy crush


I liked the challenge of being stuck on a level.

The jellybeans look like Hot Tamales, the orange lozenges look like jellybeans, the purple cluster reminds me of the hard Christmas candies with sticky jelly filling, and the color bomb looks like a Whopper rolled in sprinkles.

I can’t keep from calling it Candyland and always stand corrected.

When I hear the Candyman’s cheesy voice say, “Sweet” I always think of Def Leppard’s song “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

btw — What’s with the daily spin? Why have that dang “jackpot” on there if they are never going to give it to you?

~~ Deidre


14 responses to “Candy Crush Saga”

  1. Bubble Witch Saga – need I say more. Nice to connect and follow on

    1. Oh no! I’m covering my eyes…I do not need to know this…lol!!

  2. Kristina Weatherford Avatar
    Kristina Weatherford

    I refuse to get caught up in it, so I never started!

  3. Never played the game, but a lot of my friends have! #atozchallenge

    1. Do yourself a favor…don’t start! LOL

  4. Hi from the A to Z Challenge! I have to say that Candy Crush lost me as soon as it told me I had to pay to go on. No more for me!

    1. Pssst **whisper** (You can take the option to pay to go forward or wait for your lives to regenerate for free)

      — But who really needs to know that…LOL! Close your ears…be free! 🙂

  5. I’ve never played Candy Crush, but SongPop has thrown in a Daily Spin, as well. I wonder if they copied the idea from Candy Crush? Either way, it’s annoying!

    1. I hear SongPop is fun. There’s so much out there.

  6. I refuse to play this simply because my father-in-law sends me an invitation every… single… day…

    1. …and you like getting the mail? LOL… 😉

  7. LOL. At the the “Sweet.” I have permanently deleted that game off my phone, my tablet, and I mostly try to avoid Facebook because … yes. It is that evilly delicious.

    1. I know… I commend you for shutting it down, there’s a lot to be said for self-discipline…I had none this morning. I spent wayyyy to much time on FB. But it was particularly inspiring this morning and the chatting was great! Modern culture…

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