Around the Blogosphere in 26 Days

I’ve spent the better half of my day pulling pranks on my family. What can I say it’s April 1st!!

All were a success except the one I thought would be the best. I put a “For Sale By Owner” sign in front of the house an hour before the family got home this evening. I knew I wouldn’t fool my husband — he’s not only the one I make such decisions with and would obviously know about this long before the sign hit the lawn, but he’s also seriously used to my antics. My main target was my teenager. I thought I’d get a real exclamation out of him.

He hasn’t even noticed it — even though it’s in full view of where he parks.

He came home from practice. Nothing.

I sent him on an errand. Still nothing.

I’m leaving it through the night just to see if maybe, just maybe, fresh morning eyes will pop open. However, he’s been fooled a number of times at this point…I think he’s ready for anything.

The neighbors, on the other hand, are either going to be calling me or are out purchasing champagne. 🙂

Happy first day of April!

~~ Deidre


13 responses to “Around the Blogosphere in 26 Days”

  1. Sukanya Ramanujan Avatar
    Sukanya Ramanujan

    Oh it’s so frustrating when they don’t fall for the pranks!

    1. I know! Funny though, turns out he reads my blog 🙂 — and he just found out!! It actually turned out great because I was sitting right here when he saw the blog post. LOL

      1. Sukanya Ramanujan Avatar
        Sukanya Ramanujan


  2. Kristina Weatherford Avatar
    Kristina Weatherford

    So awesome that he reads your blog!! Sounds like you had a fun day.

    1. It was great timing and I slept knowing my ‘job’ was complete! 🙂

  3. buttercup2000 Avatar

    Stopping by from A to Z. Looking forward to your posts.

    1. Welcome! I will certainly stop in to say hi as well.

  4. jackiewellington21 Avatar

    I did that prank a few years ago. No one noticed but the neighbor who called her friend and scheduled an open house.

    1. Ha…if you can reach just one person… 🙂

      1. jackiewellington21 Avatar

        Unfortuneately, it was the one who did not want to live next to others who did not look like them. I stayed, she left. All was well 😀

  5. jackiewellington21 Avatar

  6. Probably too busy texting to notice. 😉 By the way that was sooo mean, and good luck with the rest of the challenge! I’m finally getting around to checking out some sites on the list after mine. At first, it was crazy.

    1. I found out later that our one and only nosy and pesky neighbor was calling around trying to find out what’s going on. Hello? Wouldn’t it have been easier to just call me directly? Some peeps like to chase tails. Phfff…
      I’ll swing by your site!

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