Noise & Optimism

N – Noise

I’m trying to calm all the noise in my head. I have a LOT of random thoughts about my future and what I need to do to accomplish specific goals. I’ve been checking off the list, bit by tiny bit. When so much is swirling around I remind myself to just keep moving forward, give myself little successes along the way. And yes…doing dishes, prepping food, and doing laundry counts!!! Even though those are sidenotes to what’s really keeping my mind charged right now….it’s still about organizing the mind ‘clutter’…good stuff but totally cluttered and bucking for attention. I’m slowly and effectively gaining control of the volume…..

O – Optimism

The glass is always full. If for nothing else, it holds air.



4 responses to “Noise & Optimism”

  1. Deidre, sorry it took me so long to return the visit you paid to my blog (Quiet Laughter) earlier this month–I’ve been on vacation (which is why I dropped out of A2Z) and only now got around to catching up. Thanks so much for the Liebster nomination as well! I’ll totally accept and post when I’m back home (sometime next week). Love your blog, and look forward to staying in touch 🙂

    1. Great! Thank you 🙂

  2. This is the second blog I’ve read today about what we call in our house, “Busy Brain.” In fact, this morning’s writing also started with, My Brain is Busy. A phrase started by my son several years ago. 🙂 Just sums it up, doesn’t it?

    1. I like that! “Busy Brain”…oh so hard to get control of sometimes. 🙂

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