Karma – Love – Meow

I’m terribly behind on my A to Z. I spent the weekend at the best writer’s conference EVER. Pikes Peak Writers Conference — amazing. After a couple of prep days, then into four full consecutive conference days followed by one day of organizing all the new information and calming a swirling brain… I am back and vow to get on track with my A to Z. And this is how it’s going to happen… in chunks!

Here’s the high points of letter inspiration K thru M:

K – Karma
You do something good for someone and something good will come back to you. Ahhh… Karma. It’s all about the good, right? Until someone pisses you off then you want Karma to get them.

L – Love

love 17

M – Meow
(Kristina this is for you 🙂 )

Tips from my cat:

1. Be social
Widen your circle, get to know your neighbors.

2. Make time for play
Dogs are good for pouncing practice. Humans will think you’re cute.

3. Stay clean
Impressions count, no one wants to sit with the stinky cat.

4. Keep sharp
Take time to hone your claws, you will need them from time to time.

5. Cough it up
Don’t hold on to anything that upsets you.

6. Life is short
Enjoy each life like it could be your last.

7. Get face time
Take time to meet eye-to-eye with the ones you love.

8. Speak up
A quiet cat is a lonely cat, let ’em know how you feel.

9. Give back
Always share your finds, at least a portion of them.

10. Nap
Rest up because you never know when you’ll be left outside all day.



4 responses to “Karma – Love – Meow”

  1. Kristina Weatherford Avatar
    Kristina Weatherford

    Awesome!! Love the “M” post, still waiting for “K”!!

    1. Yup… Aha! K and L are squeezed in before M…same post. Who jumped ahead to her favorite part? 🙂

  2. Nice, doing them all at once! I was pre-scheduled through Sat., the 20th, but was late getting Monday up, and now I need to get Tuesday up and Wednesday pre-scheduled. Pant, pant, pant.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. You are so organized… didn’t even think about prescheduling, I shoulda’ gotten some advice from the most awesomest Warrior Muse!

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