Dream – A Dog’s Life

Bark once if you like dogs, twice if you LOVE dogs 🙂  Oh yeah, I hear ya’…sing it!  “RUFF, RUFF”, “Woof, Woof”, “Yep, Yep”, “Aroo, Aroo” — okay…okay…shut the hell up already. I really loathe a yipper… 😉 jk.

Life without a four-legged furry family member in it — unknown by me.

Right now, we’ve got two. A big one (the good one — mine) and a little one (my husband’s). I didn’t say it…

The big one (we’ll call him Amazing) actually belongs to the whole family. And even though I do my best to stake claim, he’s got loyalties to others and they’ve got loyalties to him.

The little one (we’ll call her Pia) started as my dog — a gift. She’s absolutely adorable. Truly stunning and well-bred. And that’s where the praise stops. The only one that will claim her is my husband because she looks at him with complete adoration. Mr. “Not a fan of the small dog” is a sucker for the 8 lb. wonder. He’s fully aware of her flaws but loves her despite. And I will admit, his compassion is admirable … because I too have a flaw or two 🙂

Pia’s got a tiny face and big brown eyes. She’s got tons of personality and does some pretty cute things. Her ‘cuteness’ has saved her a** many times over. The thing about being so cute is that it allows her to live yet another day when her keeper (me) would like to promptly take her on a one-way ride to anyplace that will have her (breathe) because while her idol (guess who) is off at work it is her keeper that has to deal with her naughtiness.

This is a look into Pia’s day: Eat, sleep and move from sunspot to sunspot.

This is Amazing’s day: Follow me.

While it’s cool to have a buddy and I could go on and on about all his grand qualities. I have had some thoughts about that special something that would place him at the peak of perfection.

Wouldn’t it be even more amazing if he could rake, vacuum, move furniture? Now we’re talking!

I mean…gee…he’s there anyway. Make a motion towards the door and he’s ready to go ….”yippee, we’re going somewhere.” Even if “somewhere” is around the side of the house — he’s excited to be there.

He is a master at finding a ball and dropping it at my feet. He’s tireless at playing fetch. Imagine the satisfaction of pleasing his master by pushing a mower, pulling weeds, landscaping…

Yes…one can dream.

dogs 3


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