Change it up!

Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome — some say that is the definition of insanity. I agree.

I like looking at it like this:

It’s like breaking a hundred dollar bill (or a twenty…if you’re more like me :)). Every once in awhile I get my hands on a crisp treasured banknote. Carrying cash usually equates to trying to hold water in cupped palms…for oh, so many reasons. And I know, this to be true with so many.

Food always makes it to the table, gas in the car, shoes on kids feet, and on and on and on…. That’s what the plastic is for!

But let’s say a large bill has crossed my fingertips without outside interference and it makes it into the safety zone. The higher amount the more likely I’ll go without breaking it down to easily diminishable commodities. I’ll either go without the item of want or use another form of payment (cheating!)…but this is now ‘special money’. Admittedly if I’m not willing to tap into the regular resources nor break into the treasure trove…then clearly I don’t really want or need the item of desire.

I’ll hoard that baby for a considerable amount of time… at least 3 minutes…just kidding…the higher the amount the longer the staying power. And eventually there’ll come a day when the clouds part and sun shines on that special something that whispers in my ear “You’ve got a secret stash.” And if I decide to listen that’s when I know — I really want the object in question. Rarely (ok…never) have I been disappointed with my decision. At times using it has been a treat, at times a savior.

Making change in life is a very similar concept. The larger the bill the bigger the decision and the longer I might go without wanting to make that decision. But ultimately the power lies within. It doesn’t make me richer for keeping it. Assets are assets. When the time comes to pull it out, it’s simply just time.

If it’s time to make a change, don’t be afraid to use your power. Another large bill will land in your safekeeping and more decisions will come your way. Don’t go on too long hoarding the big bill and then wondering why nothing special ever comes your way.

Change it up!


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